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Mango Fundraiser 2023

Welcome to the Coop Mango Fundraiser for 2023!

We are now live, the order form is below and will be active until approximately the 24th October! Order now!

(It doesn't work very well on a mobile device - you may have to scroll to see the Add to Cart button, and use Desktop mode if possible)

Many thanks for supporting our school, we will use any money raised to support student learning and as usual the children are extremely grateful!

We've had word from the mango farm that yields are down again this year, and they are expecting only 20% of normal crops Australia-wide.


As was the case in 2021, this means we can only offer smaller 4.5kg trays (between 9 and 14 mangoes). Due to the general shortage prices will unfortunately be up this year, but we hope you can still support us, and in return get access to the best mangoes around!

We will be aiming for delivery to our school in the last week of November. We'll update this page as we get nearer.

Image by Alexander Schimmeck
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