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Enrolment Process 

1. Attend an Open Day or contact us to book a tour. Fill out for the form for our next open day HERE.

 2. After your first visit, you will then fill out an expression of interest form (here) We will then get in touch with you, when and if spots become available. 

3. When a spot becomes available, you will be invited to start your remaining enrolment visits. We will need you to apply for a free WWC check and can help you with this process. We value child safety very highly and all parents at Co-op must have a WWC check before enrolment.

4. You will then visit as many times as you like, on different days over a 6 week period. Once you have visited at least 6 times and you know it will be a good fit for you and your family, you can let us know that you would like to join the school. During your visits please ask as many questions as you can. 

5. You will be invited to attend a 'welcome meeting' on a Monday night to meet other parents and to talk about your family and how we can help your child to transition.

6. You fill in the enrolment paperwork and start at Co-op! We usually assign new parents with a 'buddy' that they can talk to about any issues that may arise.

7. We have a check in at 1 month, 3 months and 6 months to see if everything is working for you and if there is anything we can do to help with the transition, but we encourage you to chat to us at any time outside of these check ins too.

Expressions of Interest

If you have already visited our school and would like to start the enrolment process, please fill out the expression of interest form:



Once you have filled out the form, we will be in contact with you about any openings that are available. 



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