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The Learning Co-operative is a parent run, alternative primary school.

Past families Hurstbridge Learning Co-op

In 1973, the Learning Co-operative was set up by a group of Diamond Valley and Eltham parents as an alternative to the education systems that were available at primary school level.


Collaborating closely with education innovators from Latrobe University, this new concept of a ‘Learning Co-operative’ emerged.


Initially the Co-op operated at St Helena. In 1977, with financial assistance from the Federal Government, the Co-op shifted to its current site and also received full registration as a primary school. The buildings were purpose-built to suit the Co-operative’s requirements and have been added to over the last 30+ years.

The Co-operative is wholly responsible for the teaching and administration of the school. The Co-op is a community of families committed to providing the resources needed to create a more stimulating alternative to the conventional primary classroom.

Past families at Hurstbridge Learning Co-op

We celebrate the contribution that our community members provide to the learning and raising of our children. Enrolments are kept to a ceiling of 35 children. The intimate size of the Co-op creates a community much like an extended family.

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