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Our Children

Our children are happy. They love coming to school, they usually don't want to leave when it's time to go home and they are often sad when it's school holidays.


Our children are diverse. They come from many different cultures and backgrounds with many different interests, needs and learning styles.


Our children are kind. They look after each other and act like an extended family. They know each other really well and accept each other for who they are.


Our children are creative. Extensive opportunities for imaginative play, art, drama and music has enabled them to develop their creative skills to a high level. 

Our children are environmentally aware. They love spending time outside, learning about nature, going on bush walks and camping. 

Our children have high social intelligence. They are used to interacting with a range of different ages with the benefits of multi-age groups.

Our children know how to play! They spend large parts of their day in unstructured play and experience all the benefits of play based learning including opportunities to develop social skills, creative thinking, practical problem solving, imaginative story telling, sense of self, languages skills and wellbeing.  

Here are some statements about Co-op from our children: 

"I love Co-op. I love playing with my friends."- age 7

' I love everything about Co-op. There is nothing I don't like.' - age 9

'I really like music. I love that I can play the piano, cello, marimba and ukulele whenever I want to.' - age 9


'I like climbing trees and making cubbies and fairy gardens in the bush' - age 7

'I love cooking. It was fun when I had my own bakery stall in Co-op City and I sold the cakes and biscuits that I made' - age 10

'Co-op was very fun and very free. I feel like you do lots more things that you would not be able to do in other primary schools like lots of arts and crafts, cooking, ball games, adventures, bush play.  My favorite bits were concert, café days and adventures. Going to high school from Co-op was not as scary as I thought it would be and it was easy to make friends. It took a couple of weeks to work out where to go but after that I was fine.' - past student age 15

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