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What's special about Co-op?

The Learning Co-operative provides a small, extended family experience. It embodies the concept that 'it takes a village to raise a child' and provides a rare and genuine, close knit community experience that helps build a child's independence, self-worth, resilience, self-understanding and acceptance.


Our main aim is to ensure that our children are happy. There is a focus on developing life skills - social skills, health and well being - and a holistic approach that values each individual. Our children don't want to leave at the end of the day and are upset when it's the school holidays.  


Small, multi-age groups enable learning experiences to be individually tailored in a way that is often aspired to but impossible to practically achieve in larger mainstream schools.


Children have freedom to take managed risks, learn at their own pace and play. They can follow their interests and are supported to take control of their learning.


The acres of bush and organic garden beds give them unsurpassed access to nature and the benefits of learning through nature.


Music and the creative arts are central to their learning experience.


We offer an incredible bush camping program where children build their skills in camp craft, culminating in a 'Touring Camp' in Year 6 which is organised completely by the children, including budget, food, activities, and 5 days of bush camping.

Co-op children have a very strong sense of belonging, and often return as teenagers and even as adults to events and activities.


Co-op gives children the chance to breathe, to learn who they are rather than to be told what they have to be, to have fun, to play and to be happy.


Parents are given a unique opportunity to take a direct and relevant role in all aspects of their child's education.

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