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Fees and Funding

The Learning Co-op receives State and Federal Government funding for each child enrolled, (in line with other independent schools). The rest of the funding is made up from parent-paid fees. For specific projects, Co-op can apply for funding from relevant authorities. 


Fees (at Jan 2021) are $330/term/child, (Concession available - $240). This includes pretty much everything – that is,  most excursions, kids’ camps, materials and activities that are often ‘extras’ in many schools (eg: books, music tuition, swimming (terms 1 & 4) , gymnastics (terms 2 & 3).

Please note, fees for 2022 will be increased by 3%. 

Fees are able to be kept low because of the high level of involvement of the families in the day-to-day running of the Co-operative. The Co-op’s aim is to offer affordable alternative education.