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Fees and Funding


The Learning Co-op receives State and Federal Government funding for each child enrolled, (in line with other registered independent schools). We rely on parent-paid fees to cover our expenses. For specific projects, we apply for grants from various sources.


At the Learning Coop we aim to offer affordable alternative education. We are able to keep the fees low because of the high level of involvement of the families in the day-to-day running of the Co-operative.

Fees in 2023 will be $360/term/child, concession fees are $270/term/child and are available to Health care Card holders.  Full-fee paying families are also charged an additional fee of $120/year/student for camps and excursions, this is paid in 4 instalments at the start of each term. The fees cover all material and extra-curricular activities that are often ‘extras’ in many government and independent schools, such as excursions, incursions, camps, books, music tuition, swimming (terms 1 & 4) and  gymnastics (terms 2 & 3). Parents are asked to contribute to the cost of food for camps longer than 2 days.

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